A Basket of Fish and VBS

It’s one week from Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School at my church and, if I’m going to be totally honest, I’m teetering between extreme excitement and extreme fear. When friends ask me what I’m afraid of I really have no good answer. I have a great team in place and I know that God is going to rain down great blessings on every family that attends. I think my fear comes from knowing how big VBS is and not knowing exactly how it will play out. I have a little comfort in knowing that I’m not the first to be in fear or doubt of big situations though.
You see, there’s a great story in the Bible of Jesus teaching to a large crowd. The people were out in such great number that  they covered the hillside.  Come lunch time the disciples looked to Jesus and said, “Hey Dude, let’s take a break. We’re getting hungry. The crowd is getting hungry. We don’t have the means to feed all these people and, even if we did, it would take forever. Let’s send them away, let them rest up, grab a burger, and we can all gather back later for you to keep on teaching.”
Jesus saw that the disciples had no idea how little faith they actually had so he found a little boy with a picnic lunch. It was just a regular lunch, some fish and bread. It wasn’t even like the “Bucket O’Fish” from the local drive through. It was a simple basket lunch that his mom had probably packed for him. Jesus lifted the lunchable heavenward, asked God to bless it, and suddenly there was food to feed the thousands.
I have to believe the disciples had a big “DOH!” moment when they realized that once again they had misjudged the power of Jesus. I think they probably looked at each other, knowingly embarrassed by their continued lack of belief. I wonder if they later apologized to Jesus for previously suggesting that they had a better plan.
I’m so thankful for the constant supply of examples, both in the Bible and in my own life, of times when Jesus shows his might and supremacy. I so grateful for the times when I have freaked out because I wasn’t in control of something and Jesus steps in and says, “Hey Girl, I got this!” I love that when I expect one thing to happen, because it seems like the most logical and reasonable outcome I can think of, Jesus shows me something far greater.

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