Post VBS Cough

Another year of Vacation Bible School has been placed in the books and, yet again, God showed up in amazing ways. Families came out in great force, dinners were served, songs were sung and danced to, beach balls were tossed, and Mrs. Heather blew a few things up. That list alone equals success but when you add in the parenting class and the moms and dads that are now thinking purposefully about the legacy they are leaving for their kids, well, that’s total win.
One of the shortfalls of VBS is that my own family gets the shaft that week. My husband gets an emotionally and physically exhausted wife and my kids get a mom that is saving her smiles and fun for the crowds that walk through the door each evening. They love VBS, I think, because the great fun is such a great contrast to the crazed mom at home.
Every year I promise them great things after VBS. We’ll go on bike rides and water parks and picnics…as so as VBS is over. Except that Sunday, during the Worship Finale, I started having this ache in my throat. “That’s weird,” I thought, “I hope I’m not coming down with something.” How could I possibly be getting sick? I only hugged or high-fived one hundred plus kids last week. I’m sure none of them had germs, right?
Hmmm. Now it’s Tuesday, my kids are complaining, and I’m fighting a coughing fit. I saw the doctor yesterday who diagnosed a common cold and gave me some syrup that knocks me out cold. We are on week two of summer vacation and no family fun has been had to write about yet. My hopes are high for week three.

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