Get Up and Go

The newness of the school year is wearing off already and frankly y’all, I’m tired. It’s hard getting back into routine.
I generally take on a much lighter load at word after VBS in June. I take time to rest, recuperate, and regenerate before the wildness of fall. The first week back at it is tough though. Couple that with the kids going back to school, packing lunches, remembering who needs to wear tennis shoes and who’s okay with flip flops, knowing what chart needs to be signed and what folder needs turned in, remembering what organization needs another membership check, and blah, blah, blah… I need a nap.
My husband texted me earlier today suggesting that I might want to take my truck to the car wash because it’s pretty dirty. I just laughed. Do I get the truck washed or pick up his dry cleaning because that’s the amount of free time this girl has today? I think he’ll appreciate his heavily starched shirts more than me driving a clean truck.
I found myself staring at our fish, George Washington, this morning. It was about 5:30 and I was packing lunches for the day. He was, no joke, laying down on the bottom of his tank. Fish may do this regularly but I’ve never seen it before. He looked at me as if to say,”It’ so early! Go back to bed!” Trust me, George, I would have loved to do so. I turned his light on in the hopes of catching a picture of him lying around but apparently George felt the compulsion to get up as well. That’s what we do in the fall. We get up and make life happen. Tired or not.

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