Baking and Prayer

I did some praying this morning. Actually, I did a lot of praying. I sometimes do my best praying when I am baking. It’s such an easy analogy that every time I pull out ingredients to make a delectable treat I am compelled to talk it through with God.
I made a chocolate buttermilk pound cake. It’s not done or I would show you a picture. I love making pound cakes and I’m always looking for new versions to try. There is something so predictable and comforting about a pound cake. Even though the flavors and ingredients may vary, the pound cake is a sturdy, firm, delicious cake. It’s not fancy or frilly. It’s just sweet enough without being too sweet. It’s right.
I don’t make pound cakes for myself any more because, well, diabetes. But I do make them for special occasions when I know I will have opportunity to share. It’s kind of becoming a thing.
The funny thing about baking is that any one of the ingredients on it’s own is nothing special. A few cups of flour, some eggs, a dash of vanilla…they’re all lovely and serve a purpose but no one sits down to enjoy flour. The potential of the cake comes from the combination of all the ingredients.
This morning when I pulled all of the supplies out on the counter and lined them up (you can’t see the butter but I promise you there were sticks) I couldn’t help but think of all the things on my mind that I wanted to talk to God about. Not one of the things alone was anything dramatic or earth shaking, yet they were all a piece of my week, month, year, life that make up who He is creating me to be.
“Thank you, God, for my husband and kids.”
“I need you help in the mothering department, God.”
“I could use some strength in the wife area, Lord.”
“Jesus, could you take away my craving for carbs?”
All of the pieces of who God is making me to be. Not frilly or dramatic but totally worth sharing with the world. I want to be sturdy and firm in my faith and a sweet reminder of my creator. And a good baker. I’d like that as well.

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