Valentine Glitter Love

Today is Shelby’s last Valentine party at school. Well, I am assuming it is. Something tells me her middle school won’t have Valentine, er, Friendship parties.
She went all out with the stickers and the washi tape and the foam hearts, glitter, pink font….all of it. She made the Valentine box to end all Valentine boxes.
I’m always amazed at her heart and the hugeness of it. The same girl who spewed wrath at me this morning when I suggested she wear a red dress to school (“I’m not fancy like you! I don’t have to be fancy all the time!”) is the same girl who made this because she “wants her friends to feel her love through the glitter.” She’s also the same girl who was very concerned about the boy in her class with diabetes and that maybe “Valentines Day is not sensitive to those with diabetes.”
She loves so deeply and cares for others. She prays for kids at school with few friends and often leaves the crowd to comfort the lonely.
I wish I could say she gets it from me but really, we all know I’m not that nice. No, this is one of those attributes I have to give total credit to God for. She knows she is loved by her Savior and she can’t even help herself sometimes. That love just oozes out, glittery and foam heart covered, to all the people around her. Okay, maybe not all the people. Apparently her brother and I are really hard to love but fortunately, I get that. Even though I didn’t have a brother, I was 11 once. It was a long time ago but I remember how I felt about my mom then and it certainly wasn’t glittery.
This is one of those blessings of parenting – seeing the good and the bad and the glittery and the not-so-glittery in your kids – and loving them all the while. I suppose this is one more way God shows me his goodness and reminds me that even though I am not always glittery, I’m still his Valentine.

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