31 Day Challenge


When I took this course in blogging I found a community of writers that challenge me and bless me on a daily basis. So when one of them mentioned this 31 Day Challenge I was instantly intrigued. And nauseous. And my chest hurt just a little. But that probably meant I should do it soooo….

I’m jumping on. If I believe (and I do) that God has given me a voice to bless others then I should be using it. And while I have been better this year about writing and speaking on a more consistent basis – it’s not enough. I know it’s not enough because I still feel the nag. I still feel the pull deep down in my gut that I should be doing it more. I tried to satisfy the gut issue with a cheeseburger and it didn’t work. So here I go. I’m challenging myself to write for 31 days.

I can not promise you that it’ll be pretty.

I can not promise you that it’ll be earth shaking.

I can not promise anything, really, except that I will write for 31 days about food, faith, family…and it will be just about as real as it gets.


Day 1 – Parenting Is Not For Sissies

Day 2 – Daily Bread

Day 3 – Game Day

Day 4

Day 5 – Spooky or Sweet

Day 6 – Bathrooms Are Hard Places to Learn Lessons

Day 7 – Sometimes I Wear a Sombrero and Laugh

Day 8 – Zucchini Bread

Day 9 – Acorn Sized Blessings

Day 11 – A Handful of Grapes

Day 12 – An Open Letter to Christopher Columbus

Day 13 – Honeycomb Words

Day 14 – Did the Dust Know?

Day 15 – Because Jesus

Day 16 – Today is Just for Fun (An offer from DaaySpring.com)

Day 17 – Cluttery

Day 19 – Jon Acuff, Mr. Potato Head, and Other Monday Morning Inspiration

Day 20 – Pumpkins and Patience

Day 21 – Parenting, Smart Phones, and Instagram

Day 22 – Today Is About Chili

Day 23 – Remembering Trumps Worry

Day 25 – And That Has Made All the Difference

Day 26 – Spirit Lead Me

Day 27 – How to Make Brownies for Your Child’s Orchestra Concert

Day 28 – Thank You for the Moon

Day 29 – Surprised Again

Day 30 – It’s Important to Have People

Day 31 – I Have Run the Race