Daily Bread


I love food. I love it for the taste. I love it for the nourishment. I love it for the way it brings people together. That’s my mostest, biggest, love. I love the way food unites us. We all need it to survive. And most of us can enjoy it in good company.

I was worried when I woke up this morning that my writing challenge might have to come to a screeching halt today. It’s Day 2 and I had no ideas. No words. Nadda. Zip.

But when my kitchen filled with lovely ladies here to do a Wildtree Workshop I my heart started to swell with love. We shared pumpkin bread and coffee and talked about what food works for our family and what food doesn’t. We prayed over the meals we prepared and asked God to bless every bite. He will. He’s faithful that way.

I have never looked at food as a means to impress others. I see food as a connector. ¬†Gathering people in my home, giving them nutrients their body needs, feeding them deliciousness they love…that’s my love language. I want people to feel loved in my home. I want them to know that I care about their dairy allergy or their gluten sensitivity. I hope that when they see my love pour out in a physical way they will trust I can love them in a spiritual way as well.

Whether I am baking from scratch or pouring sauce from a jar, I want it to always be in love. I never want to be annoyed by diet restrictions or delicate taste buds. I pray that my hands will serve as a means to bless both stomachs and hearts.

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