Sometimes I Wear a Sombrero and Laugh

I am hanging in. I’m on Day 7 and I’m hanging in. I am so friggin tired though. I wrote yesterday about being overwhelmed and having too much on my plate and then spilling my plate all over the bathroom floor. I put my big girl panties on though. I got dressed and I drove downtown and I valet parked my monster truck all by myself.  I met my husband and we had so much fun. Too much fun. We had the kind of fun that gives you pictures like this one:


If you look carefully you can see Charlie’s reflection in the glass elevator. He’s smiling. Making him smile is just about my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. Sometimes you just have to enlist a sombrero for these kinds of tasks.

I sent him on his way to work this morning and drove home so I, too, could go to work. I’m so tired though. And so sore. This old girl does not bounce back from a fall like I used to. And yes, there have been many falls over the years. That’s how I roll. And maybe a wild sombrero kind of night wasn’t the best recovery plan but I’d do it again in a heartbeat because sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

Sometimes you have to shout, “LIFE IS TOO BIG!” and run for the city. Or the hills. Or wherever it is you run. Sometimes you have to run to a place where you can laugh at life.

You can’t run everyday. People who run everyday never get anything done. They never grow because they never fully face the giants that make life feel too big. They never get to learn how strong they could have been if they’d only taken on the challenge. No, you can’t run everyday.

But sometimes you can. Sometimes you should. Sometimes it’s the best thing for you. It doesn’t solve much. It doesn’t fix all the things. It doesn’t make the challenge go away. But it does give you a moment to catch your breath.  It gives you a moment to put on a sombrero. It gives you perspective.

So I’m glad Charlie and I ran away last night. And I’m glad I’m going to sleep in my own bed tonight because seriously, I don’t bounce back like the old days. But I’m grateful for what bounce is left. I have a feeling I’ll need it again one day.

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