An Open Letter to Christopher Columbus


Dear Christopher Columbus,

In honor of your day today I did a little research on you. It turns out you were not quite the hero I learned of as a girl. In fact, I am wondering why we, as a nation, celebrate you at all. You had very poor map skills and a stubborn personality. You did not treat people well and, if reports are correct, you were a little smelly.

Regardless, you are credited with letting the Europeans know this beautiful land exists, and here we are today. My ancestors came across the ocean, in part, because of your reporting.

And we get the day off from school and work.

So…win for you. Actually, win for me.

I needed a day off. My kids needed a day off. My husband really needs a day but he’s at work. His company is not American and it turns out the world outside of the US cares little about what you may or may not have discovered.

I needed a day to catch up on laundry and bake brownies with my girl. I needed a day for my son to try to explain Minecraft to me one more time. (I still don’t get it.)

I needed a day with no make-up, comfy clothes, and tennis shoes.

So, Christopher Columbus, I thank you for being you. And for allowing me a catch-up Monday.



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