How To Make Brownies For Your Child’s Orchestra Concert



I realize that the above title sounds awfully specific but I’m running behind and there’s no time for generalities. This is what I have to offer today. It’s a message for the hurried mom. The one who works full time but still feels obligated to volunteer occasionally. This is for the lady who sets great boundaries most of the time but every once in a while, in a moment of weakness, says she’ll bring 2 dozen brownies to the reception after the orchestra concert. It’s for the gal who loves to bake and prides herself on cooking healthy, delicious treats for her friends and loved ones but can admit when she’s taken on too much.

Here’s how it’s done in simple and concise steps:

  1. Leave work twenty minutes early and drive to the nearest grocery store.
  2. Buy 2 dozen brownies and 1 decorative, throw away pan.
  3. Drive home.
  4. Remove brownies from plastic container with sticker labels and place in decorative throw away pan. (Presentation, people. We are hurried. We are not animals.)
  5. Drive to school and set brownies on reception table and smile at other moms.
  6. Give yourself a lot of grace because your brownies don’t look anything like the ones in the above picture but you’re winning at parenting in other areas and brownies don’t matter.



Today’s post is Day 27 in the Write 31 Days Challenge. Instructions for this post can easily be substituted for Cub Scout Meetings, Tap Dance Receptions, Swim Banquets, etc.


2 Replies to “How To Make Brownies For Your Child’s Orchestra Concert”

  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. To all of this on behalf of all the mommas who are working hard. And especially to number 4. Love you, twin!

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