Five For Five May

I’ve heard it said that it takes time to get a new habit started. Depending on who you ask it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days. I don’t know which number is more accurate but I know it’ll never happen if you never start.

That’s why I’m challenging myself to start in May. And it’s why I am inviting you to join me. Why do I think you’ll want to join me? Because I’ve never met a person who speaks kindly to or about themselves 100% of the time. In face, most of my friends are like me and rarely have a single word of kindness about themselves.

Here’s how it’s going to work. For five days a week, we will say five kind words or phrases to ourselves. Out loud. In a mirror. And that’s it. For one month (the 5th month) we will focus on being kind and loving to ourselves for five days a week.

Imagine looking at your daughter, your mother, your best friend and saying, “You are such an idiot” or “You look disgusting” or “You’re a nobody.”

YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!!! And yet we say things like that to ourselves all the time. Maybe we don’t say it out loud but we think it and that’s just as bad. So I know that breaking this habit will take time. And I know it will feel awkward at first. And I know I have to do it out loud because if I just say the things in my head, I will quickly break out into an argument with myself. That’s the special crazy that lives in my head.

I’m going to be running this challenge over on Instagram so if you aren’t already following me there, run over quickly and give me a follow. We can hold each other accountable. I’ll offer scripture, videos, photos, and lots of words to inspire and encourage.

When my kids were little and would make something with their own hands, they would hand it to me with a face filled with delight. They were so excited to show me what they’d made, and they were so proud. It was like treasure and was so valuable. When God looks at me, he sees his creation, and he’s pleased as punch. He thinks I’m beautiful and helpful – I am his treasure! Now I have to start treating myself with that same kind of delight and love. And you do, too!

So race over to Instagram now and join me for the month of May. I think we will come out kinder, gentler, and more loving people.

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