Here’s to the Ones Who Made It

The end of the school year always brings a flurry of activity. Banquets, award ceremonies, concerts, school picnics, graduations, yearbooks…all of it full of excitement, anticipation, and cheers.

But for some kids (and parents), the end of year signals a huge sigh of relief. They don’t fly into June with flags waving but instead, they trip across the finish line with exhaustion. They aren’t the kids voted “Most Likely to Succeed,” although they are the exact picture of success. They aren’t voted “Most Popular” or “Most Outgoing,” because they sometimes shy away from the spotlight for fear of being shoved aside.

These kids don’t make it to the finish line along. They have caregivers – parents, grandparents, foster parents, nannies, youth leaders, counselors, tutors, and more- who have stood behind them, beside them, and walked hand in hand with them to get them where they are.

There have been late night tears, early morning frustrations, long days and sleepless nights to get them ahead. And it’s not like the kids who win all the awards don’t go through this, too, but these kids do it without recognition. Which means the caregivers do it without the recognition as well.

So consider this post a shout out to the ones who made it. You deserve a hug and a pat on the back. You deserve a ribbon or certificate or a page in the yearbook. You deserve a party with a cake with your face airbrushed across the top in icing. You did it! You made it to summer! Buy yourself a fun raft, a cool cup for a tropical drink, and head to the nearest pool or lake. Take some deep cleansing breaths and relax…because the next school year starts in two and a half months.