Dear Lord…

I find myself praying for my kids ever more frequently. When they were babies I prayed that they would sleep through the night and that they would not die in their sleep. I prayed for fevers and ear aches to go away. I prayed for rashes to clear up and for coughs to break loose.
I still pray those prayers, except the death by sleep one because we grew out of that one when we gave up the crib. Now I have added new ones.
I pray that they would listen to their teachers while at school. I pray that they would be protected on the playground. I pray that they will only have kind and honest friends. I pray and I pray and I pray.
Sometimes my prayers for them are really prayers for myself. I pray things like,”Dear God, please make me love this child unconditionally like You do. Especially when they are squirting toothpaste in each other’s hair.”
The point is that I keep praying. I don’t know how to do this thing called “Parenting” any other way.

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