Deceiving Eyes

As I sit at my desk, knee deep in both Holy Week and VBS prep, I have been thinking a lot about Jesus and where I go to find him. I was reading about the women going to the tomb on that famous Sunday morning, fully expecting to find the body of Jesus. He had told them that he wouldn’t be there yet they cried and wondered and fretted that his body had been stolen. They were so wrapped up in their own doubt that they didn’t automatically recognize The Lord when he stood before them.
Then, this morning, as I was drinking coffee and perusing Yahoo News, I ran across this story of a snake that was found dead with a centipede hanging out of it’s body. It has really awesome and gross pictures (You can read the whole story at this link.) and I couldn’t help but think of how that snake thought it had just bagged a really good meal. It thought it knew exactly what it was seeing. It looked at that centipede and thought, “Yum! I’ve hit the jackpot!”and it ended up killing her.
How often do I think I’m looking at something good, something righteous, something holy, only to find out that it could’ve been the death of me? How often do I get wrapped up in my own thinking and my own actions and totally miss out on the beauty of the Savior standing beside me all along? How many times have I felt certain that I had hit the jackpot, found toxicity, and totally missed a blessing Jesus was holding out before me?
Today my prayer is that I would have eyes to see truth and that I will have wisdom to reach out to Jesus.

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