When Mama Ain’t Happy…

There’s that saying, you know the one, “When Mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.”

What about when Mama is sick?

I started noticing my throat yesterday. A throat is something you shouldn’t notice. It just does it’s job as a throat. Swallowing. Breathing. Throating.

But I noticed it all afternoon. It didn’t hurt really but I knew it was there. When I swallowed my food or drink I felt it’s presence.

Last night my throat hurt. Great. Maybe it’s just allergies. We do live in Houston, after all. Allergies can be an aggravation on any given day. We had a lot of rain last week. Yes. It’s probably allergies.

This morning my throat was screaming at me. It was yelling things like, “Hey! I’m a throat and I’m angry!”

Ain’t nobody around here got time for an angry throat. I had to take Shelby to the dermatologist today and I’m supposed to go to a three day conference for work tomorrow.

After I took Shelby back to school from her appointment I ran by the local stop-in-and-see-a-physician’s assistant-place. Strep throat.

My husband asked,”Where do you think you caught it?”

Hmmm. That’s the beauty of a job in KidMin. You can catch all sorts of great germs from kids. They never wear a sign that says,”I just picked a green booger from my nose!” or “I’m running a low-grade fever!” when they come racing down the hall to hug you. So I hug necks and kiss cheeks. And apparently I catch germs. But I’ll never stop hugging so I guess that’s a risk I take.

I’m religious about hand washing and vitamin taking and water drinking so I feel like I do the best I can to avoid such disasters as strep throat but sometimes a germ or two sneak in and I get caught.

I’m loaded up now with antibiotics and nose sprays and throat lozenges and I’m praying I’m better withing a day or so. Because when Mama’s sick…nothing. Nothing stops. Mama just keeps going.

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