The Time Came

It’s been one of those mornings. The kind where there’s too many tasks and not enough minutes. Everyone needed to be somewhere, doing something, and everyone needed my full attention. It’s Christmas Break and everyone is full of cheer and ready to go.
I’m still working though. Christmas Eve is kind of a big deal when you work for the church so there’s still planning to do and tasks to tackle.
I’m also working my Wildtree business. It’s a business but also a ministry. I want to help people find peace in their kitchen and be better prepared for healthy family meals. I fully realize the irony here, folks. I’m stressed over helping people de-stress.
There’s laundry to fold and dogs to be walked and groceries to be shopped. I’ve got lists all over the counter and my phone is chiming reminders every five minutes.
That’s the word I heard in the middle of a pity party I was planning in my head.
Okay, God. What do I do?
I went into my bedroom to sit in my rocker. I opened my Celebrate Recovery Bible because, frankly, I needed the Word of God to come packaged with recovery. I shut my eyes and held it for a minute, just trying to find my center.
God? I can’t find my center.
I opened to Luke 2. It was the only passage I could think of in the moment…I’m sure because of all the Christmas planning as of late. I read. Slowly. I read.
Suddenly a phrase practically jumped off the page. I phrase I’ve read a thousand times before…
the time came.
Mary and Joseph had traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be counted in the census. Mary was with child. The Child. And while they were there…
the time came.
The time. The time that all creation had been waiting for. The time that the eternal clock had been ticking towards. The time. Jesus.
He was God’s promise fulfilled in a tiny baby. He was the All-in-All. He was The Everlasting. He was Time. It was His Time.
Suddenly my time seemed insignificant. My tasks and my lists and my alarms could all be on hold for a bit. Jesus has come. I could sit in that peace for a minute. That’s where I’d find my center.
My time had come. The time for me to get over myself. The time for me to remember that Christmas is about the amazing gift of Jesus and the salvation that he gives. The time had come to be still and know His Peace.
My lists and tasks were still waiting on me when I came out of the room. I still had family waiting on me. Nothing about my day had changed. I had changed. I didn’t need to be frazzled and chaotic. I didn’t need to huff and stomp. I found my center and it is Jesus.

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