Eleven Year Old Girls Are Fun

Yesterday was the last day of break and my kids were tired of looking at my face. Don’t say it isn’t so. I could see it in their eyes. Luckily for them, they both were invited to go somewhere besides our house with someone who wasn’t me. It all worked out.
The hilarity that is an eleven year old girl though…I don’t even know what to do with her. It was a cold morning. Cold for Houston. And extra cold for my Texas babies who don’t understand Northern Cold. It was cold.
My son came downstairs dressed as if he was ready for a blizzard. I sent him up to take a few layers off. My daughter came down in cute little sweatpants and a short sleeved tee.
Me – “Sweetie it’s cold out. You may want to consider a different outfit.”
Her – Blank face
Me – “Do you hear me? You may want to think about some other clothing.”
Her – Blank face
Me – “I’m just saying that while what you have on is cute, it might not be warm enough.”
Her – (On the verge of tears) “I don’t even know what you mean!”
Me – (Sighing) “Okay, calm down. I’m suggesting that what you have on might not keep you warm enough today, especially if you go outside. You should change.”
She stormed up the stairs and into her room.
Me – (15 minutes later) “Are you ready? It’s time to leave.”
She walks out in same shirt but has changed sweats to capri leggings.
Me – “When I suggested that it was cold outside and that you should change clothes, I meant into something that would keep you warm. Not something that would protect you less. Please go to your room and put on long pants, long sleeve shirt, socks, shoes, and a coat. Be back down here in five minutes.”
Her – (Running back to her room) “I don’t know why you love Seth more than me!!!”

This was one of those moments that caused a flashback of my mom saying, “I hope you one day have a daughter who is even half the trouble you are!”

Mission accomplished, Mom.

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