Toilet Selfies

I took an accidental selfie this morning and sent it to a group of friends I was going to meet a few hours later. I was texting them deep, Godly thoughts about the Holy Spirit and  how we would discuss the work He is doing in our lives when, in a very un-tech savy moment, I snapped a picture of myself and hit send before I even realized what had happened. As the blue line swept across the top of my screen I saw the picture of my forehead and knew there was nothing I could do but wait for the fallout. Had it been a selfie of my forehead on the couch it would have been no big deal.  All of these ladies have all been to my house many times, however, and I knew that as soon as they saw it they would know….I was texting on the toilet.

Y’all. Seriously. There was a time in my life when I would have prayed that I could go down with the flush and never be heard from again. I’m learning with age though that life is too short and too funny to allow myself to die of embarrassment. While I should probably reconsider toilet texting in the future, we all know that sometimes a bathroom break is the only place a mom can gather her thoughts.  I am so glad I have women in my life who can laugh with me and not at me when I stumble and make crazy mistakes. Okay, sometimes they are laughing at me. And that’s okay, too.


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