Did the Dust Know?

cream of the crop

Did the dust know?

Did it feel what was happening?

Did the dust know it was dust but was being transformed into something new?

Did it hurt?

When we walk through difficult days, days that stretch us to the limit, people often remind us of growth. That’s what people like to call trying times…growth. They say it like it’s supposed to bring hope. As if the mere mention of a new thing should make the old thing easy to turn loose.

Growing is painful though. When I read the words of Genesis 2:7 I have to ask, “Did the dust know?”

I suppose it’s a silly question. Just like my hair doesn’t know it’s being cut and my grass doesn’t try to escape me when I start up my mower, the dust couldn’t possibly know.

Could it?

If the Gungor song is right and hope really is springing up from this old ground of my life and God truly is making beautiful things out of me, why does it hurt so much?  Will life be found from this chaos?

Did the dust know it was becoming a man? I think that’s where the pain is sitting. When I can only see dust and have no idea when or where the beauty will arrive it is painful. I can’t see the final product when I am the modeling compound.

I guess that’s what faith is. It’s knowing that I am dust and trusting that God can grow a garden.

It still hurts. I think the dust knew.

I know.

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