It’s Important to Have People

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My dining room is filled with six girls. Six girls painting aprons and decorating cupcakes. The laughter, the squealing….it’s music to my ears. I love that my girl has this tight-knit group of friends. They sit together at lunch, have each others backs in the halls, and would defend each other to the last inch of the last mile. They are the reason they each survived the first nine weeks of middle school. I made dinner and handed them the supplies but have tried to stay out of the way. I’m just in the kitchen so I can deliver napkins and drink refills as needed but far enough away that they feel safe to talk. I’ve heard who all the latest crushed are, who’s bossy in PE (which frankly made me snort because none of these girls are push overs), and which teachers are the coolest. One of the girls asked Shelby, “Why are we the only ones here?” and Shelby replied, “Because you are my people.”

It’s important to have people.

Some of my fondest memories from middle school are from parties just like this. Friday nights wrapped around birthdays or holidays or no special reason, and one of our moms would open the door to the lot of us. We ate pizza and Doritos and Dr.Pepper until we had terrible stomach aches. We laughed and talked and made fun of each other and other people and farted. We farted a lot back in the day. I haven’t heard any farting tonight. Thank God.

I worried so many hours away this summer, in fear of what middle school would hold. Would the friendships change? Would there be anyone to stand beside her? Would she have a friend?

I feel so silly now. I usually feel silly after wasted worry; and 99% of worry is wasted. She has people. She has good people. She has girls who love her and laugh with her and want to be with her.

It’s important to have people.



Today’s post is Day 30 of the Write 31 Days Challenge that I am participating in along with many of my Clumsy Blogger friends.

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