It’s Time

The kids went back to school this week so it’s time for me to kick it in gear and get back to writing. I took the summer off because I was so burned out on myself after VBS that I couldn’t possible think of anything worthwhile to share.
It occurred to me this week though that I do better processing my thoughts when I’m thinking about blogging so I knew it was time to get back to the discipline.
I started re-reading Beth Moore’s book “So Long Insecurities” this week and it has truly been eye opening. Not just because of what she has to say, which is all good stuff, but because I really have no recollection of a single word on the pages. I know I read this book a year or two ago. I remember downloading it. I remember being excited about it. I remember finishing it and thinking of a few friends I wanted to share it with. Oh wait. That’s probably the hang up. I probably read it thinking more about who I knew that needed to hear what Beth had to say than what I could possible gather from it myself. Hmm.
Anyway, God has been speaking a mighty wonder to me through the pages and I’ve started to reevaluate some of the lies I have been believing about myself. I’m tired of worrying so much about what other people think about me and what their reactions will be to my actions. So now comes the journey of taking those steps and carefully moving forward in a way that please God.
It’s both exciting and exhausting to think about such a journey so I think I better pour myself another cup of coffee for the road.

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