The Newness is Gone

The newness of school has officially wore off.  Last week the kids bounded out of bed excited to see what each new day had to offer. There were new specials, new teachers, new friends, and new clothes. They excitedly laid out clothes each night and couldn’t wait for showers.
Today, however, when I went to their rooms and gently woke them with a “Good Morning!” I was met with grimaces and faces quickly covered by bedsheets.
“I don’t want to go to school!” my daughter said in an almost angry voice.
“But you had such a great week last week. Aren’t you excited to see you friends again and all of your new teachers?”
She replied with a swift and simple, “No.”
I get it. There’s always a new excitement and slight nervousness that brings fluttering butterflies to the stomach when something new is about to start. After the newness wears off though and routine turns back to repetition then we are left with early bedtimes and early risings that do not shout of fun.
So now my job as mom really kicks into gear. Last week was too easy and although I somehow hoped it would be the new normal this year I knew better deep down in my mothering places. Now I have to work up smiling encouragements each day and offer prayers for energy and sustainability. Now I have to make interesting lunches and fun snacks. I have to invent new multiplication dances and make bath time appear to be a respite and not a chore. Mothering is not for sissies and this is the easy stuff. I better start taking my vitamins.

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