Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is tricky. Every year I really want it to be a day that allows my family to celebrate me. That’s what it’s for, right? Family celebrating mom?  Every year though, since I’ve been a mom, it’s a day that leaves me physically and emotionally exhausted.
I love my kids with all my heart. I prayed for them to be my kids. Chuck and I tried for years to bring these kids into existence. They are each a blessing to my heart in ways I will never be able to make them understand. My heart swells with joy and pride when they smile at me.
I still hate Mother’s Day. It’s a reminder that my own mom gave up on life – and me – and succumbed to depression, taking her own life. It’s a reminder that being my mom was not enough if she could no longer be a wife.
I hate that.
I want to focus on what I have. I want to revel in the flowers and the grilling of yummy foods prepared just for me. I want to lay back with a book and put my feet up and fall asleep with my kids laughter lilting on the breeze.
“Focus on your blessings!” others suggest.
“Look at what you have, not what you have not!” some have said.
Yes. Yes. Those are great ideas that I have tried many times over. My heart aches anyway. I’d rather skip the day altogether. My husband and kids do a great job of appreciating me on any given day. I don’t need a special focus day. Maybe next year we can go away somewhere where there is no Mother’s Day. Is there a place? I should start planning now.

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