Hanging On

Some days you just hang on. I’m not sure where this pig came from or who dressed him in such finery but he hangs on to the top of my desk thermometer and watches me work. Every now and then he gets knocked down by a wild file folder or a flying ink pen. I’ll find him laying on the floor, legs sprawled in distress, and I gently place him back on his perch.
There’s something about this little guy that makes me smile. I appreciate his hanging ability. I get that feeling. VBS is next week and I feel like I’m just hanging on. The details are all coming together. I have plenty of help. The supplies are sitting in large boxes, piled haphazardly in my office. It’s coming and it’s going to be great – I know it in my logical brain. There’s always an anxiety that rises in my illogical brain however, the week before as the what-ifs and what-abouts rush in like bayou flood waters. The self doubt, self pity, and selfishness whisper loudly in my ear and beg for me to let go of my faith in a God who always comes through. They whisper like a 4-year-old whispers in church – it’s really a hushed yell – in an effort for me to take my eyes off of my Father who loves me, loves family, and loves the idea of blessing families.
In an effort to fend off the whispers I wore my comfy clothes to work today, stopped for a giant coffee, and have turned the praise music up loud in my office. It’s going to be a great day, VBS is going to happen, families are going to be blessed, and I’m going to hang on through it all.

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