Pie and Margaritas Don’t Feed Bromeliads

A dear friend gave me a bromeliad plant for my birthday. I was touched because it’s a beautiful plant and I’m really trying to turn my brown thumb green. She leaned in and said, “Read the tag. It’s just like you.”
The tag says, “Durable plant. Dramatic central flower.”
We laughed, probably a little too much, at how true a statement it was. I am durable and strong. And dramatic.
It’s amazing the difference a few days can make. Last week I was in a place of thankfulness and peace. I was strong and durable. I was praising God for another year of life and honestly feeling like I was pretty close to having this whole “life” thing figured out. I might have given lessons if the opportunity had risen. That’s where I was.
Then I went back to work. I engaged people outside of my home. I interacted with that life that I thought I had mastered. I fell flat on my face.
The first situation was one where I realized I had been left out of something I deemed as important. My pride was hurt in such a deep, slashing movement when I learned that the world was able to turn just fine without me. While my logical brain knew that to be true, I’ve never claimed to spend too much time in my logical brain.
The second situation was dealing with a difficult person and thinking I could handle it all on my own. “I don’t need to bother God with this. He’s busy. I’m familiar. I’ve got this.” Never have more prideful words been thought.
The third situation came last night when someone said something online that was so insensitive and hurtful and revealing about his true heart that I’m not sure how I will recover.
Scratch that. I do know how. I’ll start with laying it down in God’s lap. Then I’ll not make a pie.  I relied on pie and margaritas the past couple of days, knowing full well that while delicious, neither lend to a durable Tamara.
So let’s recap. My plan to move forward in life, get back on the track of awareness and thankfulness includes:
1) Lots of Jesus
2) No pie
3) No margaritas
I’ll eventually have pie again. I know I’ll partake in margarita’s again. There’s no reason in my world for me to not enjoy those things. What I want to avoid is putting them before Jesus. When I hand my life to him and submit to his will for me, I can be a bromeliad. I can be durable through the power of Jesus.

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