Taking a Stand


It seems a lot of people have been taking some very hard stands for or against some issues lately. I know this because it’ all over Facebook – the memes, the photo shopped images, the declarations made in ALL CAPS!!!!! with lots of punctuation…. I guess social media is the place to let everyone know what you’re for or against and I’m behind on the game. I figured I better type up a quick list, just in case someone was wondering where I stand in life.

I’ll start with what I’m for. It’s a much simpler list.

  • I’m for Jesus. I love him.
  • I’m for the Bible. I believe all the words in it are God-inspired. The hard words and the easy words – all truth.
  • I’m for family. I have a great one, not a perfect one, but a great one.
  • I’m for good food with good friends. Fellowship around the table rocks.
  • I’m for loving people right where they are. I don’t always do it well but I definitely support it.
  • I’m also for speaking truth. In general, I think honesty is always the best policy.

I’m against a few things. So in the interest of fairness and keeping up with the internet, here’s the list of things I’m not for:

  • I’m against margaritas made with wine. They are almost always a bad idea.
  • I do not support instant mashed potatoes. Just message me for help with the real thing.
  • I can not take chipped toenail polish on my own feet. Let yours chip away. I can’t take it on my own. Y’all, I just can’t even.
  • I’m against someone sitting next to me chewing a banana. You think you’re being quiet but I hear it. I. Will. Lose. It.
  • I can not support socks with Birkenstocks. Listen, I know we all did it in the 90’s but let’s not go back there. I wasn’t right then and it’s not right now.
  • GMO’s
  • Fireworks the day after the 4th or the day after New Year. Stop it.
  • I ┬ácan’t watch any movie with Brendan Fraser. I try but I can’t. I’m sure he’s lovely in real life.
  • I can’t stand to touch microfiber towels. I understand they are magic but they make my skin crawl.

Okay. I think that about sums up where I stand on all the important issues plaguing American these days. Thanks for putting up with my rant. I’m just glad I could finally speak my mind.

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  1. Tamara, I thought that was so good! I’ve also read alot of things on social media being very adamant about issues lately. I’ve chosen to remain quiet. But all of the things you believe in – I also believe in! xoxoxo

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