He Wants Me to Disconnect

Sometimes I wallow. Sometimes I get caught up in myself. On occasion I have been known to throw a pity party. And decorate for it.

I have been selfish. I have put my own needs before the needs of others. I have put my wants before the needs of others.

I have fallen. Down. I have fallen with a tuck and roll. I have fallen clumsily. I have busted ass hard.

I have also soared. I have given. I have loved. I have nurtured. I have uplifted and boosted and encouraged.

The enemy wants me to focus on the former. He wants me to feel shame.

The dark one would have me believe that there is so much more of the dark in me than light. He’d have me forget redemption.

He wants me to forget the Power.

He wants me to disconnect.

He wants to pull my plug.

The enemy is not the boss of me.

Jesus loves me. This I know.

I am loved. I am redeemed.

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